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How to delete folder in GitHub repository and local git repository

Delete folder form GitBash

Sometimes we want to delete folders from GitHub but there is no option in GitHub to delete folder directly. If you want to delete folder from GitHub then we need to open the folder and delete all files one by one and then the folder will be automatically disappeared / deleted. In git repository, the […]

SVN Commands in Linux


This article helps you to understand various SVN commands and its usage in Linux environment. How To get the location of SVN: $ whereis svnsvn: /opt/CollabNet_Subversion/bin/svn (or) $ which svnsvn: /opt/CollabNet_Subversion/bin/svn How to get the SVN help $ svn helpusage: svn <subcommand> [options] [args]Subversion command-line client, version 1.8.14.Type ‘svn help <subcommand>’ for help on a […]