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How to drop caches in Linux

Login to the linux server as a root -bash-4.1$ sudo su – root [[email protected]<server>~]# echo 2 > /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches Ramesh Kunamaneni (RK)Greetings!! This is Ramesh Kunamaneni (RK), I have a decade experience in IT and worked for various MNCs. I am happy to share my knowledge in this blog especially on Java, Groovy, Python, DevOps, Agile […]

HostName setup for IPs windows and linux

windows hosts

HostName setup for IPs windows and linux   We can access any application through hostname instead IP address in local system. Generally local system application can be accessed though localhost or because both default hostname and IP address. So we can customize the hostname according to our convient. For this we need to edit […]

How to install google chrome browser in Ubuntu

By default Ubuntu linux mint having Mozilla Firefox browser so no need to install it externally but google chrome browser will not be installed by default along with Ubuntu installation so we need to install externally by download from google website. Both browsers are very famous, useful and important, without these browsers no system and […]

Top Linux Interview Questions and Answers

Top Linux Interview Questions and Answers

Here I am sharing admin level top Linux Interview Questions and Answers.   Top Linux Interview Questions and Answers   Compare Linux & Windows operating systems Criteria Linux Windows Type of OS Open Source Proprietary Customization High level of customization Cannot be modify Security Excellent Cannot be modify What is LILO? LILO is Linux Loader […]