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How to detect the browser window size in JavaScript?

To determine the size of the browser window, use the following properties: in Internet Explorer (backward-compatibility mode): document.body.offsetWidth document.body.offsetHeight in Internet Explorer (standards mode, document.compatMode==’CSS1Compat’): document.documentElement.offsetWidth document.documentElement.offsetHeight in most other browsers – as well as IE9 (standards mode): window.innerWidth window.innerHeight (the page’s visible width/height) window.outerWidth window.outerHeight (the browser outer width/height) The following code sets the […]

How to detect browser details?

How to detect browser details? Each and every browsers(IE, Mozilla, Chrome, Safari etc….) having own properties and own setup. Then while creating website we need to check out cross browser. Some of the functionality in the website we have to write logic according the browser specific. Then how to detect browser details? Let’s us understand […]