One of the IT company Interview Questions

Hi viewers, here I am sharing list of interview questions.

  • Explain java OOPs concepts with one real time example?

  • What is String?

  • What is difference between Stringbuffer and Stringbuilder?

  • What are the precautions/ Steps to create user defined immutable class?

  • Can we use user defined immutable object as hashkey? Yes or No explain why?

  • What is difference finally and finalyze?

  • What is garbage collection?

  • How Objects are garbaged?

  • What is Hashmap and explain?

  • What is difference between HashMap and HashTable?

  • How to create user defined HashKey?

  • Immutable or user defined hashkey out which is efficient way to use Hashkey?

  • What is Singleton Design Pattern?

  • How to create User Defined Singleton Class?

  • What is Thread?

  • What is difference between Join() and Wait() methods?

  • What is Concurrent HashMap?

  • What is difference between HashMap and Concurrent HashMap?

  • What is Fail Safe and Fail Fast Iterator?

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