Why should I choose Java software development?

Why should I choose Java software development? What are the Pros and Cons?

Java Pros

  1. It’s free cost, download it and start creating application.
  2. Open source with quite large community base.
  3. Lots of available third party libraries, frameworks & IDE for fast development cycles(Spring, Hibernate, Struts, Eclipse, IntelliJ).
  4. Platform independent, write once run on most modern platform(Windows, Unix, Linux, Mac & 32/64 bit hardware.)
  5. Supports Object Oriented Programming, easy to model real life scenarios into object model.
  6. very good support for internationalization.
  7. Memory management is automatic by use of garbage collector(G1, Concurrent Mark Sweep, Parallel scavenge garbage collector etc..)
  8. In built support for multi-threading. Java can very efficiently utilize the maximum of given hardware(Thread, Fork/Join, Executores, etc..)
  9. Pure java byte code running on 32 bite JVM works perfectly fine on 64 bit platform.
  10. It’s improving year by year.

Java Cons

  1. Is not good for desktop applications because of heavy memory footprint and huge VM startup time compared to any C/C++ written applications.
  2. Normal Java is not good for real time systems because of stop the world garbage collector pause.


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