Month: December 2017

Difference between Class.forName() and newInstance() in java

Difference between Class.forName() and newInstance() in java   Class.forName()¬†returns the Class-Type for the given name. Means that it will return reference to a class and load the available all static blocks not instance methods. if you are interested only in the static block of the class , the loading the class only would do , […]

How to disable Apache Tomcat Server version

  By default Apache Tomcat server version exposed and leads security issue.There are three approaches to hide the Apache Tomcat server version. In which easy-st way is adding one of the attribute in server.xml How to check Apache Tomcat Server version details Open command prompt from windows and then go to Apache Tomcat server lib […]

After upgrading struts2 to latest version s:submit not working

Due to security vulnerabilities, struts2 needs to be upgraded to latest versions i.e vulnerable free (2.3.32 or which is vulnerabilities free. After upgrading s:submit action button will not work because it is disabled by default due to security vulnerabilities. Example <s:submit align=”center” action=’Login_loginUser’ value=”Login”/>   So that to make it as working, we need […]