Month: February 2016

What is Framework Software

What is Framework Software Every one having doubt on what is framework software ?  which is a special software that is capable of developing applications based on certain architecture having the ability to generate common logic of the application dynamically based on other logic supplied by programmer. Framework Software is a special software that is capable […]


In this tutorial post, we are going discussing how to Eliminating Duplicate Records from the table. SQL DISTINCT The table could have duplicate row. In such case how to view only unique rows i.e distinct rows to achieve it DISTINCT clause can be used. The DISTINCT clause can be used to removing duplicate records from […]


SQL WHERE Statement In this tutorial post, we are going to discussing SQL WHERE statement in oracle data base. Oracle provides the option of using WHERE statement in an SQL query to apply a filter on the rows retrieved. When a WHERE clause is added to the SQL query, then query executing as follows. The […]


In this tutorial post, we are going to discussing SQL SELECT statement in oracle data base. Consider we have EMPLOYEE demo table which is using for the executing SELECT command. EMP_ID EMP_NAME EMP_DESIGNATION EMP_GENDER EMP_QUALIFICATION EMP_LOCATION 100 Narayanaswamy Sr.Software Engineer Male MCA Chennai 101 Kumar Quality Analyst Male B.Tech Chennai 102 Ramesh Database Administration Male B.Tech […]

Log4j common conversion patterns

Log4j common conversion patterns

You will find in this article some useful log4j common conversion patterns compiled for daily use of log4j as a preferred logging mechanism in Java development. log4j common conversion patterns The following table briefly summarizes the conversion characters defined by log4j: Conversion Pattern Example Here we are providing some conversion pattern examples with syntax, description […]

Log4j Levels Example


In this tutorial post, we are going to providing log4j levels example java program to understand log4j levels with java package wise will be providing different levels of logs with different types of outputs like console and file. Log4j Levels Example For this we are going creating following files. under package com.narayanatutorial.log4j.Log4jPKG1 under […]

Log4j Configuration Eclipse


Here we are going to discussing Log4j configuration Eclipse with sample program. Log4j Configuration Eclipse Download Log4j Jar Download Log4j jar from  Extract the downloaded jar file. CreateLog4j Project Create Java project as follows. Write project name like Log4jExample. Add downloaded log4j jar to build path by click on Add External Jar and click […]

Log4j Brief Introduction

Log4j Brief Introduction

In this tutorial, we are going to explaining Log4j brief introduction, why log4j, log4j package software, log4j components and log4j level. We are sharing Log4j examples to understand log4j framework easily. Log4j Brief Introduction Log4j is a Java library that specializes in logging. log4j is a reliable, fast and flexible logging framework (APIs) written in […]