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Most Useful Git Commands

In this article I am sharing a list of most useful git commands which are used in day to day activity in every project.


Getting & Creating Projects

Command Description
git init Initialize a local Git repository
git clone ssh://[email protected]/[username]/[repository-name].git Create a local copy of a remote repository

Basic Snapshotting

Command Description
git status Check status
git add [file-name.txt] Add a file to the staging area
git add -A Add all new and changed files to the staging area
git commit -m "[commit message]" Commit changes
git rm -r [file-name.txt] Remove a file (or folder)


Branching & Merging

Command Description
git branch List branches (the asterisk denotes the current branch)
git branch -a List all branches (local and remote)
git branch [branch name] Create a new branch
git branch -d [branch name] Delete a branch
git push origin --delete [branchName] Delete a remote branch
git checkout -b [branch name] Create a new branch and switch to it
git checkout -b [branch name] origin/[branch name] Clone a remote branch and switch to it
git checkout [branch name] Switch to a branch
git checkout - Switch to the branch last checked out
git checkout -- [file-name.txt] Discard changes to a file
git merge [branch name] Merge a branch into the active branch
git merge [source branch] [target branch] Merge a branch into a target branch
git stash Stash changes in a dirty working directory
git stash clear Remove all stashed entries

Sharing & Updating Projects

Command Description
git push origin [branch name] Push a branch to your remote repository
git push -u origin [branch name] Push changes to remote repository (and remember the branch)
git push Push changes to remote repository (remembered branch)
git push origin --delete [branch name] Delete a remote branch
git pull Update local repository to the newest commit
git pull origin [branch name] Pull changes from remote repository
git remote add origin ssh://[email protected]/[username]/[repository-name].git Add a remote repository
git remote set-url origin ssh://[email protected]/[username]/[repository-name].git Set a repository’s origin branch to SSH

Inspection & Comparison

Command Description
git log View changes
git log --summary View changes (detailed)
git diff [source branch] [target branch} Preview changes before merging




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