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How to Create a JAR file in Linux

Create a Jar File Created 3 sample files as file1.txt file2.txt and file3.txt -bash-4.1$ ls file1.txt file2.txt file3.txt -bash-4.1$ jar -cvf test.jar * added manifest adding: file1.txt(in = 5) (out= 7)(deflated -40%) adding: file2.txt(in = 5) (out= 7)(deflated -40%) adding: file3.txt(in = 5) (out= 7)(deflated -40%) -bash-4.1$ ls file1.txt file2.txt file3.txt test.jar Unjar a Jar […]

How to install google chrome browser in Ubuntu

By default Ubuntu linux mint having Mozilla Firefox browser so no need to install it externally but google chrome browser will not be installed by default along with Ubuntu installation so we need to install externally by download from google website. Both browsers are very famous, useful and important, without these browsers no system and […]